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8 Bridal Shower Activities (that aren't cheesy)

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

If you are looking forward to your bridal shower but are cringing at the idea of making toilet paper wedding dresses or everyone digging through their purses to find a random item, this list is for you!

Full Disclosure:

I definitely had a purse scavenger hunt at my own bridal shower and guess what? It was super fun! And the whole event was great and exactly what I wanted. After all it's really about being around your friends and family to celebrate an exciting milestone in your life. So if your bridesmaids are planning your shower and have some game ideas that aren't entirely creative or original...just go with it and appreciate their hard work. You will still have a great time!

But...if you or your bridesmaids are looking for something a little different...

Maybe traditional games feel a little impersonal to you or you want more time to actually visit with your guests.

Maybe you aren't into the idea of organized games. Sometimes the bride really isn't about being the center of attention for too long.

This list has some activities that the guests can do upon arrival or throughout the event...perfect for more reserved brides or shower hosts. Whatever your reason, these 8 tried and true ideas will take your bridal shower to the next level.

1. Bride or Groom?

What you need:

A few fun facts about the couple, pencils, paper, a computer and a printer.

Make a "worksheet" of 10 facts about either the bride or the groom from their childhood. The guests circle which person they think fits. Have a good mix of tricky vs. obvious ones. For example:

"Dressed like Buzz Lightyear for Halloween when they were 5 years old"

(Maybe it's the bride)

2. How old is the bride?

What you need:

Some string, clothespins and photos from the bride's childhood. Also, pencils, paper, a computer and a printer.

Hang 10-12 photos of the bride on a string using the clothespins. For extra sparkle you can use a string of white twinkle lights. You can also get a frame that hold 9-12 pictures if you'd rather. Number the photos and number the worksheet accordingly. Have the guests guess how old the bride is in each photo. This game is really challenging! We played it recently and the bride's sister only got 3 right! Throw some easier ones in there like a 1st birthday or a graduation photo.

3. Do you know the bride?

What you need:

A few fun preferences of the bride. Also, pencils, paper, a computer and a printer.

Very similar to the Bride or Groom game, have the guests guess the bride's preference on a variety of topics. Create a 2 column worksheet and such as:

"Favorite Friday Night Dinner?"

Order Pizza In OR Burgers Out

4. Big Game of M.A.S.H.

What you need:

A big whiteboard, dry erase markers and an energetic host.

Engage everyone at the party in a collective game of M.A.S.H. about the bride. If you need a reminder how to play and different versions, see article here.

This is a good chance to get group input for really easy to answer questions.

For example:

"Aunt Rose, name a type of car"

Since it is already known who the bride is marrying, you may want to skip that one or make it silly.

Such as:

"We all know that Danny is the love of Alison's life, but if she had her way at 11 years old, she would be marrying..." and then have the guest name some teen heartthrobs from their youth.

5. Name That Tune

What you need:

A music playing device already prepped with a playlist, a speaker. Also, pencils, paper and a computer.

Put together a playlist - 10 of the bride's favorite well known songs (current and past). Play the first 2-5 seconds of a song and have the guests guess the song on a prepared worksheet. Most well known songs will only need a few seconds. Try to throw a few classics in there for the older generation. Decide ahead of time how many seconds you will play of each song. "Can't stop the feeling" for example literally takes 1 second to identify.

6. Throwback Game Stations

What you need: Throwback teen games such as Girl Talk, Dream Date or Mall Madness

Admittedly this one can be tricky to pull off. Ask the invited guests if anyone has these games to bring. It's a good way to involve your guests in the planning fun. Check with your aunts and grandmas, they might even have a vintage Barbie Date game or something of the like! Set up a few games around the space and let your guests explore them on their own. They probably won't sit down and play a full game (nor do you want them to) but everyone will get a kick out of listening to "Brad's" Dream Phone voice, using their fake credit card or putting on zit stickers.

7. Signature Cocktail Game

What you need: A bottle of the bride's favorite type of liquor, a few mixers, garnish fruit, decorative toothpicks/cocktail stirrers, cups, colored pens and name cards

Separate the guests into teams of 3 and give them the assignment of creating a signature cocktail for the wedding. They must create, design and name the drink within 7 minutes (I suggest 7 min...5 is not enough time and 10 is too much). All at once, the teams use the ingredients on the table to create their cocktail. When the timer goes off, let them bring it to another table for display. The bride then gets to sample each cocktail to choose her favorite. Prizes can be given for best taste, most creative name AND overall look. If you give prizes in 3 categories then you have at least 9 winners at the party! I suggest using only one type of liquor so your bride doesn't get sick while sampling!

8. Wedding Registry Match

What you need:

Knowledge of the Bride's Registry and pre-written notecards.

Before opening gifts, distribute a note card to each person with a registry item (or commonly bought wedding shower gifts) written on it. If and when the bride opens a gift that matches the guest's card, they call out and receive a small prize. Since you won't know what gifts were brought, it's hard to determine how many prizes will be given...just have many on hand. This brings a little liveliness to an otherwise slow portion of the event.

So there you have it!

Remember the games and activities are designed to create and strengthen the connection that you have with your guests. These ideas are so fun and inclusive, they just might make connections with each other as well! Go forth and have the bridal shower that will have everyone talking!